More Experience

Experience, one word that just doesn’t seem to leave the mouths of hiring managers. It seems like every corporation and organization is largely interested in people who have substantial hands-on experience. Experience matters alot. People with experience are respected in diverse fields even when they don’t have any significant achievement attached to their name.

Look, all great success is a product of a wider experience, be it your own experience or your mentors’ or that of the author that you hold in high esteem. There can be no great breakthrough in any venture or pursuit without the application of manifold experiences. 

A number of business books encourage that you get into your first business as fast as possible so that you can learn from it. Most of these business gurus believe that one’s first businesses don’t usually amass great yields. However, as time goes on, he learns from them and later builds gigantic businesses. 

This somehow applies to any personal or corporate pursuit. The reason why we recieve software updates on our devices every time and then is because these companies are continually learning from their experiences. Whatever you want to pursue in your own life, make sure you delve into it as fast as possible, and learn as you go.