Excellence is a Matter of Consistent Practice

Excellence is not necessarily a product of talent but a product of practice and preparation. This may sound rather unusual in an age where college students switch courses all the time, and ambitious youths change their career paths very often. The reason is not that the program was just difficult for them or that they didn’t have what it takes to take it down.

Everyone has what it takes to attain to any level of success, do any business, learn any art and master any skill. How is that possible? You just have to keep at it and never stop.

Regardless of how gifted a person may be, he cannot attain to stardom without rigorous practice. Consistent practice matters alot when it comes to excellence. 

Not just any practice, but the kind that hurts and stretches you, and in turn prefects you. When you do this the world starts to call you a genius and a whiz.

The world continues to be in awe of Albert Estein’s brain power, and marvels at the brainiac that he was. Unfortunately, no one seems to pay attention to the hundreds of hours he spent in the lab and his one thousand failed attempts to create the lightbulb. Every time he failed, he said he had just found out one more way how the lightbulb cannot be made and drew closer to his achievement.