Your Reputation: How Far Can You Go?

A good reputation is very essential in one’s course to greatness. The nature of your reputation determines the number of people that can be willing to buy their way to become your audience.

Your reputation hinges on the things that you do consistently. If you are consistence in showing up with excellent work timely, everyone around you will recognise your conduct and vouch for your promotion.

There are some writers who the moment they release a book everyone wants to read it even if they haven’t even heard about what the book is about. They have built a reputation for writing spectacular books.

Your good, excellent and hard working reputation can attract people to do business with you. You can be the less qualified person among you peers but be chosen for a promotion. 

Being gifted, talented, educated is not enough, you have to build a good reputation. One thing many people do not think about is that everything that we do and how we do it builds our reputation. By giving our best into the task at hand, by treating others and their interest well, we are in directly telling people that they can rely on us. 

Your reputation determines how people will treat you. Those people who have a good reputation are held in high esteem in their communities.


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