Take your Work to the Public 

“Your work matters, but the world won’t recognise this until you do” – Jeff Goins


Taking your work, skill and talent to the public is one of the most significant steps you can take on your stairway to success. Don’t let the fear of rejection and failure hold you back from showcasing what you can do. No one will recognise you art or gift until you begin to believe that your skill is worthy people’s attention. The same goes for writers, no one will qoute you unless you become persuaded that you are quotable and that your work can touch the hearts of readers. 

The desire to produce excellent and perfect work is necessary, however, it should not unnecessarily delay you from stepping up on stage. A lot of wannabes are held back from showcasing their handiwork because of their hunger for excellence; sometimes they even use it as an excuse for procrastination. It’s better to be perfecting your skill while you are arleady out there on display than to wait several years before you can show yourself to the world. 

You cannot give out the best of your ability during rehearsals, no. It is while you are on the stage, while a potential investor is waiting for your prototype, while a publishing company is waiting for your manuscript that you perfect your handiwork. Talents and skills only thrive in the presence of an audience.

You may never know how appealing your idea or service is to the society until you present it to an audience. Step out.


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