Alter Your Programming

There’s a quote that I have come alot of times in the recent months; a lot of writers seem to be quoting it. Well, here it is “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”. Whoever coined that quote was correct; different results can only be achieved by doing things differently. 

While it may easier to apply the principle communicated to experiments, researches, projects and business ventures, it becomes more challenging to apply it to one’s own life. 

People are different from projects and experiments and they are more like computer programs; they all process and carry out tasks according to their programming. No matter how one may be willing to change some areas of his life but if he will not take time to alter his programming nothing will change in his life.

How do you handle these programming glitches? It is by debugging your mind. Alter your coding (mindset) by yielding yourself to new knowledge. Read more books, watch and listen to sermons and motivational talks; practice what you are learning and hang out with new friends (the ones who reflect personality traits that you desire to acquire).


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