What do you think of yourself?

William Wallace, a Scholar of Michelangelo asserts that what propelled the legendary artist to amass the success and wealth that he did was his belief that he was connected to one of important families of Europe. 

Michelangelo was so convinced such that he persuaded everyone around him to believe and treat him as nobility. 
His view of himself as nobility shaped his persona and helped him bulldoze his way to become one of best artist ever. However, several years after his death, historians discovered that Michelangelo was not nobility at all; he had been misinformed. 
His success was not a result of some genetic predisposition or family background as he used to think. It all hinged on his thought that he was connected to one of the prominent families of Europe and that it was his responsibility to live up to that standard. 

“But we come from God and belong to God.”

1John 4:6 (MSG) 

Thanks be unto God that being born again affords us far greater nobility, we are of the house of God. Hence, we have no choice but to live up to God’s standards. 


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