The Legitimate Demand for Your Skills

Pastor Chris rightly said it that one of the keys to success to reach out to meet a human need. Success is not necessarily a personal thing, it is communal. You can have a great skill but if it does not address the needs of the society, you will not stand out in your world. 

Being able to do something that other people cannot do or do not know how to do is not enough; your act, your skill and product must be able to gain the people’s value. This is what every successful entrepreneur and business person addresses. Marketers understand that they cannot make a sale until they compel their potential buyers to see that they need to have the product or service. 

For example, Samsung products such as smartphones, tablets and phablets are merely solutions to the world’s social and technological hunger.

Develop your skills and expertise to address what others want, and then build something you can get excited about that meets that need.


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