Slightly Over Promising is Good 

Many people believe in the notion that its better to under promise and the over deliver than to over promise. This belief has held many from reaching their peek ability and productivity. They prefer to hide in the safety and comfort of under promising. Under promising restricts you from giving your all into the given task, you cannot step out to do that which you have never done before.


Over promising gives you a chance to do something that you have never done before. It provides you an opportunity to ascend to the next level. However, only a few people over promise and over deliver while alot under promise and under deliver.

In the words of James Altucher, “over-promising sets you apart from the people who under-promise. Over-delivering sets you apart from people who just delivered.” Believe me, there are very few people who steps out of the bounds of comfort and do more than what is expected of them. People like these ones usually become legends; they amass great respect. 

Slightly over promising forces you out of your comfort zone and also stretches your muscles to do more than what you are used. Over promising distinguishes you from the crowd, you become indispensable. You become a legacy in your industry.


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