Spend some time in solitary

It seems that everyone who has ever achieved greatness in this world has had some time away from the world. Robin Sharma recently wrote that Nelson Mandela became the man he cam to be known to be during his years in prison. In other words, it was the solitude, degradation, devastation and inhumanity of that time in confinement that made him who he became. 
Paul the Apostle recently after his conversion spent some time in the loneliness of Arabia, what he did there is not known but it is highly probable that he was transformed by isolated place. Immediately after his return he started preaching Jesus in Damascus, the very same Name he had originally come to persecute. 
I cannot possibly tell of all the numerous great men and women of God, statesmen, leaders, scientists and inventors who through their solitary time were their defining moment.
Quiet and solitary times are a must for anyone who wants actualize greatness and great success. During these moments, one is able to freely reflect on various aspects of his life, his visions, purpose, past successes and even the things he wants to be known for. 
Furthermore, solitary times are times where one is able to commune with the Divine, deepens one fellowship with God and even find out God’s will in a particular issue. 


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