What’s Its in me for them?

It is essential that whenever you are with others you should be thinking about what you do have within yourself for them. Don’t put your focus on “what they do have for you”. Having this mentality will open doors of opportunities for you.

Focusing on what and how you can contribute to others can help you make more friends and also grow your influence over people. Successful leaders are those who are good at recognizing what their communities need and know how to meet those needs.


Be With Those Who Better You

It is significant that one associates himself with companions who betters him and pushes him beyond his limits. Settle for friends who compel to level up and inspire you to work on your dreams.

Being in toxic company can cost you alot, it can take away from you your energy and focus.

The First Thing

It is essential that as a young person you define where your momentum will come from. You have to establish yourself as a person driven by the passion to meet the needs of others either in your office, school or community. Don’t put your focus on making a name for yourself. The moment you start investing in others, you will begin to experience a sense of fulfillment within yourself.

This is the thing that should become the foundation for all your work. As you do this people around you will begin to gain an interest in you and your work. People tend to have great interest in people who have first showed interest in them. The attitude of investing into other people should be the very first thing that one must cultivate within himself or herself at an early stage in one’s career path.


Creating a Healthy Relationship

There’s more to creating a secure and healthy relationship than selecting a good partner, but finding a partner who is good enough is a great place to start.


Change Your Routine 

Everything that you do everyday matters, even the very tiny things that we do: they all determine the kind of future that you’re going to have. If you keep doing the same things everyday you will continue to have the same results. Changing your routine will bring about a different result.

You may not be where you have always wanted to be, but you may decide today to change things. Your future depends on what you do today. One step at a time, by changing the things that you do and the way you do them, your life will change.



Growth  are not growing and developing new skills, you’ll soon find yourself further behind, less able to compete and with fewer options and choices under your control.
Ironically, most people like the idea of growth. But they are not willing to grow. Why? Because growth requires change, growth demands continuous learning, growth requires discipline and focus, growth is an intensive process and,it requires you to take some reaps of faith. Surely, only a few people are willing to step out into the uncharted territories of their lives.


Your Raw Materials Do Matter

Excellent products and services for not only come from excellent workforce but also from excellent raw materials and excellent expertise. No matter how experienced or trained you may be in the the field, you will hardly produce competitive products by using low-grade materials. If your product and services are to compete with those of the legends in the field you are to make them using raw materials of a higher-grad.  

Talent alone is not enough. I have seen alot of great talent that is failing to break out into the spotlight due to low-grade equipment and materials.

How far do you want to go? Source out the very best materials there is. I have seen some students fail to obtain the grades deserving their potential because they didn’t have access to relevant academic materials.